Desert Mountain SELPA

We are one of three primary programs operated by CAHELP. We are a support services office to member school districts and charter schools (also known as local education agencies) in the SELPA, and we serve as a resource to the community on issues related to special education, prevention and intervention supports, and behavioral health supports for all students. Together with our member school districts and charter schools, we provide these services to eligible students. We are the liaison to our member districts to consult in the area of effectiveness of special education through review and modification, coordinate services among schools and community resources, and provide professional development to school administrators, teachers, and paraprofessionals. We also serve as the sponsor for the Community Advisory Committee (CAC), a forum for collaboration among school administrators, teachers, parents, and community partners. Similar to school districts, we provide local control and accountability for special education and related services.

For more information about California SELPAs, visit the California Department of Education website.

Support Services