Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

The evidence-based domains and features of the California MTSS framework provide opportunities for LEAs to strengthen School, family, and community partnerships while developing the whole child in the most inclusive, equitable learning environment thus closing the equity gaps for all students. (California MTSS)

Essential Components

  • Varying levels of support (tiers): Students receive varying levels of support in three tiers. Tier 1, or universal supports, typically refers to services available to all students (e.g., wellness/skills promotion and school-wide programs. Tier 2 services (targeted supports) are available to some students identified as needing some additional services *e.g., small group counseling, tutoring, target behavioral skills training). Tier 3 refers to more intensive services for individuals or small groups and is usually limited to a small percentage of students (e.g., individualized instruction, intensive therapy, wraparound services).
  • Screening: School-wide multilevel instructional and behavioral systems must be grounded in data-eliciting methods in order to make informed choices on the level of support a student needs. As such, screenings are universally administered assessments utilized in determining potential challenges and areas of concern.
  • Progress monitoring: As evidence-based instructional strategies are implemented, student achievement is regularly assessed by measuring progress, potentially necessitating a change in future instruction. This data is garnered through many means, thus providing many opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning.
  • Data-driven decisions: Data collected on student achievement occurs through various mediums when identifying areas of strength and struggle. Data-driven decisions regarding instruction and intervention are provided in increasing intensity (i.e., tiers) based on student needs, which may change over time. Students are placed in these tiers using data, which is collected and analyzed throughout the instruction and intervention times. (NASP)

MTSS Pyramid

MTSS Trainings
List of Trainings for Behavioral Support in MTSS
  • Bullying Prevention and Intervention: Using Expected Respect Curriculum
  • Competing Pathways Charting
  • Regaining School Muscle Memory: The Fundamentals of Behavior
  • Creating a Responsive Classroom
  • Discouraging Problem Behaviors
  • On-Site Request Form