Governance Agendas

Several meetings are held throughout the year that govern and support our overall operations and organizational mission. These meetings include the CAHELP JPA Governance Council, Desert/Mountain SELPA and Charter SELPA Community Advisory Committee, Desert/Mountain Charter SELPA Executive Council, and Desert/Mountain SELPA and Charter SELPA Steering/Finance Committees. Meeting agendas are available on our website 72 hours in advance of each regular public meeting and 24 hours before a special meeting. Community members are welcome to participate in open meetings.

Current Agenda

September 18, 2020| CAHELP JPA Governance Council Meeting Materials

October 15, 2020 | Desert Mountain Charter SELPA Steering and Finance Committee Meeting Materials

October 16, 2020 | Desert Mountain SELPA Steering and Finance Committee Meeting Materials

NOTE: Under the Brown Act, 60 "the agenda must be posted 72 hours in advance but there is no requirement that the materials given to the board must be available to the public or posted 72 hours in advance. Rather, the Brown Act states that other writings, when distributed to the board members in connection with a matter that will be discussed at an open board meeting, shall be made available to the public upon request without delay and at the time of the distribution is made shall be available for public inspection at the district office or the office where the board meets. These writings must be made available in alternative formats consistent with the ADA upon request" 61.

60Government Code section 54954.2
61Government Code section 54954.2