Triage Grant Update

Triage Grant Update
triage grant update!

Triage Grant Update

May 2020


The Triage Grant has allowed the Prevention and Intervention staff to provide a multi-tiered system of prevention, intervention, and community outreach supports including: preventative supports, early identification, crisis interventions, intensive case management, parent trainings and supports, and linkages to community resource services for families in the high desert region.

Current News

District leadership teams and preschool program administrators were invited to attend the free workshop entitled, PBIS and Mental Health: Implementation and Integration Across the Tiers that took place on December 4, 2019 with Susan Barrett. Susan co-leads the development of the Interconnected Systems Framework, a mental health and PBIS expansion effort.

School site teams, preschool programs teams, and district leadership teams were invited to attend the free workshop held on February 19, 2020 with Susan Barrett entitled, PBIS and Mental Health: Implementation and Integration Across the Tiers. Teams discussed how to integrate mental health and education and focused on how to create a system of care. Teams identified next steps at their site. Here is some feedback provided by participants who attended:

“Consolidated my concerns into a manageable action plan to take back to my school site and administrators.”

“The realization that we all need mental health in EVERYBODY, not just students.”

“The idea of not doing something new and just integrating together PBIS and mental health.”

“New idea gained is providing feedback to admin for ideas to implement wellness to teachers to help promote better relationships with students and teachers.”

Small group social skills instruction for schools was provided by our two intervention specialists. This allotted for students to practice and gain social skills necessary to be successful not only in school, but outside of the school setting as well.

The Outreach Team is available to assist! Outreach supports include linkage to services, training classes, and community outreach.

To date, the Outreach Team has provided the following:

  • 735 Outreach Interconnections (10/15/19-03/25/20) (school site networking/coaching, parent events, community outreach)
  • 75 Family assistance referrals (02/07/19 – 03/25/2020) (referral request… housing/shelter, food, transportation, mental & physical health, vocation, family and social support)

our flower event with our workers ana perez and jennifer harms

The Outreach Team activities also include:

  • Providing the high desert community with various supports to continue educating children at home and online, as well as many other supports in response to COVID-19 on our organizational website. These resources are updated daily.
  • The Outreach Specialist is contacting community liaisons within the districts to provide current resources such as food, financial relief, and educational assistance.
  • Family resources to share at home and activities through Pinterest.
  • Providing resources were sent out through a special eNews referring families to our Triage webpage.
  • IEHP specifically asked for craft classes for parents to bring them to the center to gain access to resources. In order to meet the needs of the community, a team offered a paper flower making class that brought families to the Resource Center. These families may not have accessed the Resource Center otherwise. Follow up for the various family needs will continue.
  • A Community Service Assistant is continuing to support parents with the Parent Project through SHOCK with the Apple Valley Sheriff Department.

Let us know if you have any comments or are interested in other training topics by completing the How Can We Help you Survey.

How can we help you? (English) (URL:

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Upcoming Trainings:

The Prevention and Intervention Team is eager to announce a shift in our efforts to provide resources and supports available to parents and families at home during this challenging time. We launched the Parents Plugged-In newsletter that offers ideas, techniques, and resources and are working to provide this information in a convenient manner to share with families. There will be more to come as we develop new ways to support in light of the current situation.

Also, the California PBIS Coalition (CPC) launched webinars to assist school teams and district teams with virtual learning. Below are some of the topics to be presented:

  • Moving from the Physical Classroom to the Virtual Classroom: PBIS Foundations
  • Promoting Teacher Mental Health
  • Supporting Social-Emotional-Behavioral Skills in the Virtual Classroom.
  • Universal Screening Overview 

Fun Facts about the Prevention and Intervention Team

  • 30% of the trainings this year have been  by the Prevention and Intervention Team
  • Unexpected twist in an outreach request interconnecting with IEHP- a huge demand for a flowering making workshop. There was a long line of families waiting to enter the workshop and there was even a wait list for this workshop!
  • There have been 2 babies born on our team. Welcome Baby Caleb and Baby Audrey! We also have a baby boy on the way!

For further questions, please contact Melynda Paxton at [email protected]