Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Category: Social/Emotional Supports (Regional, On-site, and Online)
This presentation will discuss the why, what, and how of Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Participants will walk away with three take away practices to create the climate for SEL as well as how to integrate with other initiatives into a multi-tier system of support (MTSS). A strong focus will be on how to implement more SEL as district leaders, with staff, and in classrooms. Practical SEL resources will be provided to participants.

Intended Audience

General education teachers, special education teachers, paraprofessionals, site administrators, and school psychologists


442-292-5094 ext. 218
[email protected]
2:00 Hours

LCAP Priorities

  • School Climate
  • Pupil Engagement
  • Pupil Achievement
  • Parent Involvement

Multi-tiered system of supports Tiers 1 through 3