Preparing our Kids for Success: Parent Training

Category: Family Engagement (Regional, On-site and Online)
Posted on 10/28/2020

This course is a 2.5 hour truancy intervention parent class that is “Trauma-Informed” and specifically designed to augment the S.A.R.B. and local truancy abatement efforts. Like all Parent Project programs, this class is based on cooperative learning norms and activity-based instruction. Use of the behavioral model Preparing Our Kids for Success will help parents:

  • Rekindle their dreams and wishes for their children
  • Better understand and recognize the signs of trauma
  • Recognize the necessity of creating structure for children
  • Identify effective strategies for getting kids to school
  • Discuss successful methods to increase home/school communication
  • List strategies for improving school

Intended Audience

Parents, caregivers, and guardians


442-292-5094, ext. 216
2:30 Hours

LCAP Priorities

  • Pupil Achievement
  • Parent Involvement

Multitiered system of supports Tier 1 and 2