Real Talk Autism Edition: Resources & Supports for Families

Category: Autism (Online Training)
Posted on 10/26/2020
Real Talk is an opportunity to build a community for families and community members focused on autism. This group meets monthly offering enrichment, networking, and training to all participants. The group provides an opportunity for participants to develop a collaborative and supportive community to share ideas and information regarding current practices, resources, and to ask questions and seek support. Discussion topics and resources shared will be based on the needs and interests of the group and connected back to using evidence-based practices to support individual with autism.

Intended Audience

Family and community members loving and supporting individuals with autism.


442-292-5094, ext. 234
[email protected]
1:50 Hours

LCAP Priorities

  • Pupil Engagement
  • Pupil Achievement
  • Parent Involvement

tier 2 and 3 pyramid