Visual Storytelling

Category: Academic Supports (Regional and On-site)
Posted on 10/22/2020

In our current society almost, everything is in a state of flux and change, from technology and businesses reinventing themselves. In light of these changes, it would seem obvious to give our students tools to think creatively and find multiple solutions to the problems that need solving. Visual storytelling is designed to contribute to the 21st century skill sets that students need to think creatively by using simple materials in the classroom.

During this training, participants will learn the elements and principles of abstract art to help students produce artwork that serve as a bridge to their text-based stories; as well as, creating a learning environment where students have the courage to let go of certainties and allow their creativity to take its course.

Intended Audience

Special education teachers and general teachers.


442-292-5094, ext. 238
[email protected]
8:00 Hours

LCAP Priorities

  • Pupil Engagement
  • Pupil Achievement
  • Implementing State Standards
  • Course Access

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