Using AT to Support children with Dyslexia...

Category: Academic Supports (Regional)
Posted on 10/22/2020

Assistive technology (AT) and accessibility resources can serve many purposes for individuals that present with vision, hearing, mobility, and neurodiversity (ADHD, seizures, autism). Accessibility resources can help students with learning disabilities unlock their potential by addressing their needs. Disabilities come in a variety of ways - both visible and invisible. This webinar will focus on those learning disabilities that are invisible and found most commonly in the population - dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and dyslexia.

In this brief and non-threatening workshop, a discussion and demonstration of AT tools to support children with dyslexia and other reading challenges, as well as children who are English learners will take place with the aim to promote independent learning to the maximum extent possible.

Intended Audience

School psychologists, speech-language pathologists, general education teachers, special education teachers, and administrators.


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2:00 Hours

LCAP Priorities

  • Pupil Engagement
  • Pupil Achievement
  • Implementing State Standards
  • Course Access

Multitiered system of supports Tier 1 and 2 and 3