Get Skool'd in the 3 R's: Rhythm, Thyme, and Representation

Category: Academic Supports (Regional, On-site and Online)
Posted on 10/22/2020

Hip-Hop is an artistic, musical, physical, and visual mode of communication that people use to express their experiences, beliefs, and emotions. This art form has been an outlet for youth culture, all around the world. What if you were able to connect hip-hop to what students are learning, so that school is fun and educational?

During this training participants will have the opportunity to explore the defining characteristics and implication of Arts Integration, and how it uses aspects of hip-hop art and culture to create an engaging learning environment that builds student skills in writing, communication, and math. So, I encourage you to stand up out of your chair; and wave your hands like you just don't care! Grab a pen, a diary, a notebook, or a journal: to make sure your bright ideas don't stay internal! And, get ready to take on the rewarding task; to educate, excite, and inspire your class! PEACE!!

Intended Audience

General and special education teachers and site administrators.


442-292-5094, ext. 238
[email protected]
8:00 Hours

LCAP Priorities

  • Pupil Engagement
  • Pupil Achievement
  • Implementing State Standards
  • Course Access

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