County Mental Health Triage Services

Crisis Resources

The groups and organizations accessed through this website are here because they offer assistance regardless of where you live. Therefore, you should also search for grief, loss and bereavement support and recovery groups in your community.

If you are experiencing emotional distress and would like to speak to someone please contact one of the following lines:

California Triage Grant Programs

There are 30 Triage programs operating in 20 counties which focus on providing services and supports that result in individuals being referred to the least restrictive wellness, resiliency, and recovery-oriented treatment settings that are appropriate to their needs.

Programs serve anyone of any age, with an emphasis on unserved, underserved, and hard to reach individuals including veterans, homeless, and youth. Triage programs can include mobile crisis units, crisis stabilization, outreach, engagement, and direct service provision. Crisis teams in many counties work with local law enforcement and hospitals as well homeless shelters, community-based organizations, and schools.

CAHELP JPA is one of four School-County Collaborative recipients of this grant. The others are: